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TC Encore Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin
TC Encore Adjustable Hinge Pin

TC Encore Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin

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LOCKER Hinge Pin for TC Encore and Pro Hunter
  The Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin replaces your factory hinge pin with no modifications to your frame or barrel. It simply tightens into place so there is no rotation nor drifting from side to side. The new pin fits all standard and Pro Hunter Encore barrels and frames. However, you may need to sand some clearance at the inside wings/ears of your forend.
  The original TC Encore barrel hinge pin rotates and drifts from side to side freely every time you open and close the action. This creates a potential for the lock-up to be slightly different with each shot. And, anything that is different from one shot to the next can change the point of impact. Our Encore Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin locks the position of the hinge pin so that mechanical lock-up of the Encore action is exactly the same from one shot to the next!

The Adjustable Hinge Pin vs. Accuracy Locker Hinge Pin - What's the Difference?
Both hinge pins are effective.  The adjustable hinge pin expands to tighten into place.  The locker hinge pin locks into position with a slight lip so the hinge pin cannot move from side to side.

 Adjustable Hinge Pins

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